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With the Future Declaration of “Shenzhen-Style life”, LVGEM Baishizhou Unveiled Globally Author: CHINA LVGEM


On August 12, the global launch of LVGEM Baishizhou was held in Shenzhen, and the highly-anticipated Baishizhou made its debut dramatically.


As the largest urban renewal entity in Shenzhen and even in China, LVGEM Group has spent ten years to benchmark against the ultra-high standards of global first-tier cities, gathering top global resources to create a brand new Baishizhou.


With the core concept of “Shenzhen-style life”, LVGEM Baishizhou made its future declaration of Shenzhen life, creating a flagship project representing Shenzhen’s future urban life with a boundless city of 5 million square meters.


A Grand City-Level Release

On the evening of August 12, the visual feast of the LVGEM Baishizhou launched, featuring holographic images, immersive displays, and a time channel through its past and future.


Previously, Baishizhou was the most iconic urban village in Shenzhen, and many Shenzhen immigrants, including singer Chen Chusheng, left profound memories in Baishizhou.


Real time photo

The renewal of Baishizhou and more importantly a city-level voice representing Shenzhen’s future with Baishizhou as flagship and carrier were expressed.Huang Kangjing, the chairman and founder of LVGEM Group, chose “faith” as the keyword, representing the faith for the city of Shenzhen.


Huang Kangjing, Chairman of LVGEM Group

In his speech, Huang Kangjing said, “I always have a dream to leave an influential work for this city. It is easier said than done, and it is far from enough to have dreams, sentiment and hard work only, but also perseverance, responsibility and understanding, all of which are indispensable.”

Therefore, in the process of building Baishizhou with top global institutions, LVGEM wasn’t thinking it as just about a project, but how to shape a sample urban area and a city model for Shenzhen’s future.


Real time photo

In the “real stuff ” part, the global distinguished guests such as Zhu Rongyuan, the professor-level senior urban planner and former deputy chief planner of China Urban Planning and Design Institute, Mustafa Chehabeddine, the design director of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, Joe Cheng, chairman of Cheng Chung Design, and Simon Chua, the founder of LEED8 successively appeared on stage, showcasing their achievements in creating the brand new Baishizhou with LVGEM Group.


Zhu Rongyuan, the Professor-level Senior Urban Planner and Former Deputy Chief Planner of China Urban Planning and Design Institute

Zhu Rongyuan held the opinions that Baishizhou was located at the intersection of Shennan Avenue and Dasha River. Shennan Avenue was the backbone of Shenzhen’s modern city, and the left and right banks of Dasha River respectively represented Shenzhen’s sensibility and rationality. The brand new Baishizhou was not only a part of the new story of Shennan Avenue, but also a new landmark of Dasha River.


Design Director of KPF: Mustafa Chehabedine

The keyword shared by Mustafa Chehabedine is localization, namely how to perform locally in the design trend of global metropolis. Ultimately, Baishizhou will become a new urban center, a pinnacle of overall planning, a destination, an iconic endpoint, and a new urban center of Shenzhen as a whole.


Chariman of CCD: Joe Cheng

With interior design as a carrier, Joe Cheng mainly illustrated how to resonate with people. The future of Shenzhen-style life is coming. Baishizhou will showcase the boundless aesthetic of future Greater Bay Area life.


Founder and partner of LEAD8: Simon Chua

Simon Chua described the life vitality of brand new Baishizhou and the beautiful international life of new generation brought by commerce through the future development trends of urban complexes, the new lifestyle models of future commercial spaces, and the environment and sustainable planning and design.


Real time photo


“Shenzhen Life” is Different from Now on – the Future Declaration of “Shenzhen-Style Life”


The brand new Baishizhou has a super city complex form of the world’s first-tier metropolises, and even the core life attitude that represents the future of Shenzhen. In LVGEM’s view, the brand new Baishizhou represents the boundary between the past and the future of Shenzhen, and is shaping a “Shenzhen-style life” in the future.



The brand new Baishizhou is committed to creating a different future for the life in Shenzhen. In the way of seven-layor three-dimensional city + Shenzhen super loop system + full-scene smart city, it constructs a seven-layer three-dimensional shared city from underground to above, realizing the “addition of Shenzhen life”.


In terms of building an intimate interactive relationship between the people and city, the brand new Baishizhou establishes a super sharing system in the urban area under the concept of “enjoying Shenzhen life”. Besides, it has 400,000 square metres of booming commercial areas, which allow people to have more choices in life.


Conceptual Design of Baishizhou commercial

In terms of arts and humanities, the brand new Baishizhou shows a continuous urban operation to realise the “tone of Shenzhen life”. It will be a first-ever public art district in Shenzhen, being dedicated to realise that everything in sight is art.


The Baishizhou Museum of Manufacturing and Immigration, a Gift to the City of Dreams

The “Baishizhou Manufacturing Plan” is an urban operation plan of artistic and humane that will last 10 years. The first phase will focus on art, and a joint exhibition of top international artists will be held simultaneously during the product launch. At the same time, the “Growth of an Artistic City” project is in preparation to create a public artwork for the “Birthday of Shenzhen” on 26 August as a gift.


Real time picture

In addition, Shenzhen’s first immigration museum will also launch Baishizhou, benchmarking against Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York. Under the theme of immigrant culture in Shenzhen and Baishizhou, it promotes the original places of urban cultural events and urban public art.



LVGEM believes that the renewal of Baishizhou changes the original ecology status of Baishizhou, but left the special significance of Baishizhou to the people of Shenzhen unchanged, expecting it to be the spiritual totem of Shenzhen all the time, and the dream theatre accommodating the life of Shenzhen people. Therefore, the brand new Baishizhou will definitely become a collection of Shenzhen people’s imagination about the future life, and create a lifestyle that belongs to Shenzhen.


A Boundless City of 5 Million Square Metres – Jing Ting is Expected to be Launched at the End of August


In the past, Baishizhou was a representative urban village in Shenzhen, but now it is surrounded by the essence of the city’s development over the past 40 years.


On the “Golden Intersection” of Shenzhen Bay and Dasha River, LVGEM invited about 50 top design teams from all over the world to create a brand new Baishizhou with a view to treating this “treasure land” that has gathered the essence of 40 years of development in Shenzhen in an appropriate way.


The brand new Baishizhou in the future is a boundless city of about 5 million square metres, integrating flagship commercial clusters, office towers, starred hotels, high-end residential housing, large-scale public supporting facilities and other business forms. According to the project plan, there are more than 400,000 square metres of commercial areas, with a central green axis of about 1.1 kilometres linking all types of business forms from south to north. There are also 4 kindergartens, 3 nine-year schools, and about 90,000 square metres of supporting facilities such as social and health facilities as well as cultural and sports facilities to meet the needs of life in various aspects.


It is much anticipated that the product of LVGEM Baishizhou – Jingting is to be launched at the end of August, which consists of residential housing with gross floor areas ranging from 110-187 square metres. With a strong and pure living atmosphere, Jingting is the first to enjoy full-dimensional supporting facilities of Baishizhou, the boundless city that covers an area of 5 million square metres, and opens up the future life of Baishizhou with high standards.



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