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To be the most respected urban value creator

Established in 1995, the Company is a well-known comprehensive real estate developer and commercial property operator in Shenzhen. It has three principal business segments including property development and sales, commercial property investment and operations as well as comprehensive services. With a long term focus on Shenzhen and other parts of Pearl River Delta region and an established history of solid operation, the Company was among the first batch of participants in urban redevelopment and has a diversified approach of obtaining land resources.

In the segment of property development and sales, with the strategy of “Focusing on Major Cities and Their Core Areas” (深耕核心城市,聚焦城市核心), the company actively participates in urban renewal residential and commercial property projects in Pearl River Delta region, especially Shenzhen.

Over the years, the company has developed a number of property projects, represented by LVGEM Garden Estate(綠景山莊),LVGEM New Garden(綠景花園), Lanwan Peninsula Community(綠景藍灣半島), Zhongcheng Tianyi Garden(綠景中城天邑), City Garden (城市立方花園), NEO Urban Commercial Complex(NEO企業大道), LVGEM Chanson Garden(綠景香頌), LVGEM Chanson Meilu Garden (綠景香頌美廬園), LVGEM 1866 Garden(綠景公館1866), etc. Products range from urban boutique apartments, CBD urban complex, international shopping mall, landmark commercial building complex and 5-star hotel. The Company is ranked top 6 in terms of All-rounder Real Estate Developer in Shenzhen and top 10 Southern China Brands (華南品牌企業前十強).

In the area of Commercial Property investment and Operations, the Company successfully operated numerous commercial properties as represented by two commercial brands, namely “Zoll” and “NEO”. Overall occupancy rate exceeds 98%, providing stable cash flow and rental income. In the area of Comprehensive Service, LVGEM Hotel, located in Futian CBD in Shenzhen, has an occupancy rate of over 76.7%. LVGEM Property Management Co., Ltd. (深圳市綠景物業管理有限公司) and Shenzhen LVGEM Jiyuan Property Management Service Co., Ltd. (深圳市綠景紀元物業管理服務有限公司), two subsidiaries of the company, provide high quality and comprehensive property management services to properties, including security services, property maintenance and management of ancillary facilities.

Upholding the corporate mission of “Build quality products and enhance urban value” (持續提升城市價值), LVGEM (China) pioneers innovations and takes initiatives while working with social partners to achieve the reputation of being the most respected urban value creator(做最受尊敬的城市價值創造者).