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In accordance to the strategy of “focusing on core cities and their core areas”, the Group has developed 21 residential property projects. Residential properties are positioned as urban boutique residences. Most of them are located in quality regions of core cities (especially Shenzhen), including mature area (such as Futian district) and newly emerged hot spot district (such as Longhua central district). These areas are population concentrated, adjacent to central office district, interchange of metro lines, and where prestigious education institutions concentrate. The surrounding areas of these residential properties have bustling business, beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The Group is currently developing some residential projects in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Suzhou and Maoming in the Pearl River Delta region and holding several projects that are planned to be redeveloped or contracted to be acquired.

Baishizhou Project

The Group have prepared and planned for Baishizhou Urban Renewal Project for years. Baishizhou Urban Renewal Project, the so-called “Grand Urban Renewal Project” in the industry in Shenzhen, is located in Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City and in proximity to Science Park and the sub-district of Overseas Chinese Town, which is a prestigious geographical location. With an area of approximately 3.58 million square meters, its development is in 4 phases according to the project plan. The entire project development is scheduled to complete in the coming 8 to 10 years. On 28 October 2019 and 25 August 2020, the Group indirectly acquired approximately 80% equity interests in total in Baishizhou Urban Renewal Project. Phase I of the project was 100% contracted and the operating entity of Phase I has been confirmed. The commencement of construction and sales of the project will be a huge growth driver for the Group.

LVGEM Amazing Plaza

Another urban upgrade and redevelopment project positioned to serve the high-income class ranging from white-collar to goldencollar in Shenzhen. This project has an integrated modelling zone for new mixed-use industrial town which will be mainly used for industrial research and development and industrial ancillary services, complemented by other functions such as apartments, commerce and offices. The project is located at the north of Qiaoxiang Road, south of Beihuan Road, east of the intersection of Qiaoxiang Road and Beihuan Road as well as west of Qiaochengfang in Shenzhen. The project occupies a site area of 10,862 square meters and a total gross floor area of 97,214 square meters. Strategically located in the sub-district of Overseas Chinese Town, the project possesses rich scenic resources. It commenced construction at end of 2016 and was on presale in 2019.

LVGEM Liguang Project

A residential, commercial and industrial high-end industrial park complex. The project is located in Liguang Village, Guanlan Town, Lunghua District, Shenzhen City and adjacent to the Mid Valley Clubhouse of the Mission Hills Golf Club, and possesses prestigious scenic view. The project occupies a site area of 85,333 square meters and a total gross floor area of 382,139 square meters. Taking into consideration the surrounding environment and the living needs of the community, the project plan includes the development of a special commercial district at the south side of the region, as well as the Liguang Ecological Park at the east side which is covered with grassland.

Zhuhai Dongqiao Urban Renewal Project

Among the first batch of urban renewal projects that have officially commenced construction in Zhuhai City.

On 12 July 2019, the Group has officially become the operating entity of the renewal project for the Dongqiao Village and obtained all necessary administrative approvals. Dongqiao Village is one of the three pilot urban renewal villages in Zhuhai City and has been listed as various annual municipal or district strategic focus tasks. Accomplishing the commencement of construction within four some years, Dongqiao Urban Renewal Project has become one of the Group’s first batch of old village projects in Zhuhai that have commenced construction. Locating at a well-established area, the project is in proximity to certain luxury residences and street-level commercial region. It is positioned as the No. 1 bay-area cultural and arts community in Zhuhai, comprising high-end residences, featured hotels, street-level cultural regions and other multiple industrial functions. In the future, Dongqiao Smart City and District will be developed into an IOC (Integrated operation and control centre) to real-time manage and control all the dynamic situations of the entire district. The development involves 27 construction projects of up to level 3 standard, comprising a total of 106 applied scenes. It will provide overall solutions and services for multi-scene and multi-dimension, safe and intelligent urban management under the Dongqiao Project.

LVGEM Joyful Town (formerly known as “Kaiwei” Project)

VGEM Joyful Town (formerly known as “Kaiwei” Project) is located in the former Zhuhai Dongda Kaiwei Science Park in Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City. With a total gross floor area of 445,292 square meters, the project is positioned to comprise an international grade A office building, apartment (hotel-serviced offices), residential and commercial complex. The project was launched for sale on 14 September 2019 and will become a major contributor to the Group’s results in the next two years.

LVGEM Garden Estate

The first property development project of the Group

Located in Jindaotian Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, it has a total area of about 43,000 sq.m., a total GFA of 73,000 sq.m. and rental area of shops is 3820 sqm. It was completed in 2000.

LVGEM New Garden

Located in the interchange of east of Xinzhou 2nd Road and Xinzhou 9th Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. It has a total area of about 15,600 sq.m., a total GFA of 69,000 sq.m., and rental area of shops is 4,864 sq.m.. It was completed in 2004.

LVGEM Peninsula Community

Original nature and modern garden. An ocean-view luxury that cannot be copied

Located to the east of Shenzhen bay, facing Shenzhen bay and mangrove forest, with Futian central district at the back, it has a site area of 39,000 sq.m., and a total GFA of 232,000 sq.m. Design by famous designers, every unit is facing to the south side, with splendid view of ocean and mangrove forest.

LVGEM Garden

Located in No.3018, Fuqiang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. It has a total area of about 21,000 sq.m., a total GFA of 165,000 sq.m., and rental area of shops is 21,000 sq.m.. It was completed in 2005.

LVGEM Zhongcheng Tianyi Garden

Located at Sixth Street, Xinzhou Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. Occupying a total site area of 19,682 sq.m., it consists of three residential buildings. The project has an aggregate GFA of 142,368 sq.m., of which 118,738 sq.m. is attributable to the Group. It was completed in 2008.

LVGEM Zhonghe Tixiang Famous Garden Phase I

Located at 7 Haitang Road, Gaoxin District, Yiyang. Occupying a total site area of 70,180 sq.m., it consists of 13 residential buildings. The project has an aggregate GFA of 131,317 sq.m.

LVGEM City Garden

Located in Block 37, Longcheng, Longgang District, Shenzhen, it has a total area of about 47,000 sq.m., a total GFA of 135,000 sq.m., and rental area of shops is 4,886 sq.m.. It was completed in 2010.

LVGEM Chanson

A modern urban complex specializes in creativity and high-technology

Located in the central area of Longhua district, interchange of Bulong Road and Minzhi Road, it has a site area of 26,000 sq.m. and a GFA of 174,000 sq.m. Surrounded by a“hub and circle” transit system around Chanson, the project enjoys convenient transportation. It also benefits from high-quality education institutions in the area.

LVGEM Chanson Meilu Garden

Located at the junction of Minan Road and Minzhi Road, Longhua New Town District, Shenzhen. Occupying a total site area of 5,540 sq.m., it consists of two residential buildings with commercial units at the basement level and forms part of Chanson Zoll Center. The project has an aggregate GFA of 28,845 sq.m., of which 18,702 sq.m. is attributable to the Group. It was completed in 2013.

LVGEM 1866 Garden

A benchmark high class residential property in Longhua New Town district

Located in the interchange of east of Meilong Road and south of Zhongmei Road, Longhua District, an area deemed as an extension area of Futian CBD, it has a size area of 42,000 sq.m. and a total GFA of 201,000 sq.m.. It is positioned as a benchmark high class residential area in Longhua New Town. For this product we aim to create a comfortable, creative and high class property, a benchmark property in Longhua District.

LVGEM International Garden

A benefit and feeding project, supporting economic development of Huazhou region

LVGEM International Garden is located in Maoming, Guangdong, at the northwest region of Juzhou Park on Hexi Road. It is a well-developed residential area with good natural environment and is within reasonable proximity to Juzhou Park. It is well-served by public transportation and is approximately 10 minutes from the city center by car.

LVGEM Hongwan Garden

Creating a benchmark residential and commercial property in Meilin Area

Located in Meilin Area in Futian District, with Beihuan Road to the north, Meilin Road to the east, Meihua to the west, it has a size area of 32785 sq.m. and a GFA of 367,372 sq.m.. The project is positioned as a landmark high class residential community in Meilin area and the commercial property is positioned as a community-oriented shopping mall.

LVGEM Mangrove Bay No.1

Building a landmark complex in Futian CBD

Located in the southeast corner of the intersection of Shazui Road and Jindiyi Road, the central business district of Futian district, it is a scarce gem in Xiznhou District. The project is surrounded by views on all sides and has a splendid seashore view.

LVGEM Lau Fau Shan Project

The Group’s first Hong Kong property development project, a new milestone of the internationalization of “LVGEM” brand.

Lau Fau Shan Project is located in Deep Bay Road, Lau Fau Shan, Hong Kong, at the extraordinary sea view with looking over the Shenzhen Bay. Upon the geographic advantage of nearby Shenzhen, it is well-served with transportation to Mainland. Alongside will fall as a flood bridge development area in the future. It consists of 116 oceanfront low density villas, and the area of each villa is 2000-3000 sq. ft. Total area size is 82,400 sq. m. and estimated sales volume is 7,000 million HKD.

Suzhou Garden Villa

The first development project undertaken by the Group in Suzhou. The total development comprised a residential area of 73,044 square meters, in the form of residential apartments, villas, classical courtyard houses, and a commercial area of 9,500 square meters. The project consists of three phases and offers an assortment of residences from the traditional to the modern, including classical courtyard houses, villas, and contemporary apartments. Internationally renowned landscape artisans and architects were commissioned to design the award-winning residential complex and the surroundings.  Phase I, II, III was completed in 1995, 1996 and 1998 respectively.

Suzhou Garden Court

Located in the New District of Suzhou city, it comprises of 10 blocks of low-rise residential buildings, a residential and commercial complex, and seven townhouses. It has a total gross floor area of approximately 59,000 sq.m..The whole complex was completed in Dec 2004.

Suzhou Garden Towers

Suzhou Garden Towers, located in a prime site of the New District of Suzhou city, commenced construction in 2005. Designed as twin high-rise apartment towers erected over a retail commercial podium, the prestigious development is a metropolitan style residential and commercial complex with shops and car parks as added convenience for dynamic city dwellers.

Suzhou Garden Place

Situated in the New District of Suzhou city, and representing an aggregate gross floor area of 7,530 square meters, Suzhou Garden Place started its pre-sales in September 2005 after having commenced construction in May of the same year. The 11-storey building offers single level and duplex apartments to buyers having a taste for both relaxing and sophisticated lifestyles.

Wuzhong Garden Court

Located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou, the project comprises residential apartments and a commercial arcade of gross floor area of 44,784 square meters and 16,700 square meters respectively. The residential apartments of the project come with nine buildings ranging from six– to eleven-stories, a club house and basement carparks. Moreover, the commercial complex is planned to accommodate a variety of retail shops and amenities for people living in the vicinity.

Lakeside Garden Court

The project is situated in the affluent Shengze Town of Wujiang District in Suzhou which is a major silk and textile production center in China. It is situated on the east shore of the Long Zhong Lake of the Town. The whole project covers a site area of around 86,200 sq.m. and comprises 86 low-density townhouses and 14 blocks of high-rise residential buildings with a total gross floor area of around 182,519 sq.m. including some complementary commercial/retail facilities.

Taihu Garden Court

Located in the historical Guangfu Town of Wuzhong District on a site of approximately 131,445 sq.m.. It comprises low-density semidetached townhouses of modern Chinese style in perfect match with the natural environment and spectacular scenery of its surroundings.  The site will comprises of 373 townhouses of total gross floor area of around 91,600sq.m.It was developed in three phases. Phase I, II, II was completed respectively in 2009, 2011 and 2013.