Core Strengths

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Core Strengths

Dual-core Layout

Region layout: Focusing on Major Cities and Their Core Areas
Focusing on Major Cities and Their Core Areas
Projects have higher tolerance of risks and the business was growing rapidly and consistently

Bidirectional Expansion

Land acquisition: Urban renewal + land auction
More than 20 years of experience in urban renewal, with more than 10 urban renewal projects completed
Cooperation with parent company: more than 7.7 million sq.m. of land bank, involving urban renewal projects
Providing the Group with adequate land supply with cost advantage

Two Wheels Driven

Business mix: real estate development + Operation of commercial properties
Real estate development business offers a higher single value project worth with stable profit growth
Sound operations of commercial properties, couple with greater appreciation value of projects

Financing on both domestic and foreign markets

Capital acquirement: Diversified onshore financing + capital operation in Hong Kong
Has an international platform for capital operation after listing
Tap the capital markets of both China and Hong Kong