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Company Culture

Sincerely building a harmonious company culture

Employees are the most precious resources and foundation of LVGEM. Every step of our development is filled with employees’efforts and wisdom. Under the guidance of “sincerity builds enterprise, honesty builds man”, LVGEM promotes open, creative and cooperative relationship between employees. We place great emphasis on employees’ cultural lives and spiritual encouragement. We regularly hold various kinds of company events, such as training classes, recreational and sports activities, birthday party, anniversaries, Spring Festival Gala, etc., helping employees to achieve self-realization and self-achievements in a diligent, practical, effective and entrepreneurial environment.

Sharp and acute, creative and stable operation
Alert and resourceful, creative with keen determination

Creatively responding to the market is the foundation of LVGEM’s competitiveness. The ability to quickly response to the market is a cultivated ability of LVGEM over the years. And the entrepreneurial spirit — the ability to break and establish, comes from LVGEM’s entrepreneurial bread of spirit. By virtue of acute commercial sensibility, LVGEM constantly seek innovation in industry structure and operation model. On the basis of property development and sales as the core of our business, we actively develop property management services, commercial property investment and operation, social medical service, high technology and other industries, forming a multi-polar industry structure.

Corporate Vision
Be the most respected city value-creator

Provide astonishing products and services that exceed customer expectations, Generate social value, economic value and cultural value for the cities.

Corporate Mission
Continue to enhance city value

Form quality with international vison, elevate professionalism of our own, pump never-ending energy to raise city value continuously.

Core Values
Professionalism lays the foundation, and mutual harmony leads to sustainable growth

Emphasize on professionalism, innovation, synergy and foster mutual gains.