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Corporate Social Responsibility

With increasing achievements and responsibilities, the Group as an enterprise citizen, adheres to the business philosophy of servicing the public, valuing people’s livelihood, appreciating the society and contributing to the society, and makes earnest efforts to participate in various charities to offer projects benefiting the public and services convenient for the public. Over the years, the Group has participated in certain programs for public good, including infrastructure construction, environmental protection, public health, disaster relief and student scholarship.

Community Responsibility

The Group actively participated in the activities of city and community construction. In 2015, the Group sponsored and supported “Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture” (深港城市/建築雙城雙年展). At this Biennale, the exhibition hall of the Group was themed as “Shenzhenism: Ideal City” (深圳主義•理想城市), fulfilled the inclusive, proprietary and innovative multi-culture of Shenzhenism, and took over the concept of “sincerely and constantly improving the city life” (精誠,持續提升城市生活), so as to show visitors the urban construction achievements of the Group over the years and the definition of “Ideal City” (理想城市) in the future, to cause the public to think about the meaning of life and the value of city, and to promote the development of Shenzhen and the comfortable housing of Shenzhen citizens.

LVGEM Club (綠憬會) is a customer fellowship organization established by the Group. The Club adheres to the tenet of “Happy LVGEM, Life-time Friend” (幸福綠景,一生友鄰), devotes itself to building a harmonious neighborhood relationship, and creates a harmonious and warm neighborhood relationship and community life. During the year under review, the Group has held the Second Neighborhood Festival (第二屆鄰里節) of LVGEM Club named “Good Neighbor of China” (中國好鄰居), and carried out certain interactive activities such as “LVGEM Community Photo Competition” (綠景社區攝影大賽), “Amusement Games” (趣味運動會), “Star & Culinary Competition” (星藝廚藝大賽), and “Community Art Show” (社區文藝匯演), with a hope to improve the indifferent neighborhood relationship, carry forward the value of mutual support and assistance, and construct the community culture.

Environmental Responsibility

The Group has actively participated in ecological protection, and financed the environmental protection and public welfare organizations over the years. During the year under review, the Group has donated to Shenzhen Mangrove Wetlands Conservation Foundation for “Mangrove N*10 public welfare relay to guard Mangrove Forest with 10 times of loves” (紅樹N*10公益接力,10倍愛心,守護紅樹林), in order to raise the public awareness to protect Shenzhen Mangrove Forest. The Group has donated to Alxa Ecology Society of Entrepreneur (SEE) for the improvement and restoration of ecological environment at Alxa of Inner Mongolia, for the mitigation or containment of the occurrence of dust storm, and for the promotion of China entrepreneurs to shoulder more social responsibilities.