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The Group has successfully operated commercial property series under two brands “NEO” and “Zoll”, providing stable cash flow and rental income for the Group.


As at 30 June 2021, the Group held over 25 quality commercial property projects comprising a total gross floor area of approximately 831,326 square meters, , including Shenzhen NEO Urban Commercial Complex, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO, LVGEM Zoll Chanson Shopping Mall, LVGEM 1866 Zoll Shopping Mall, LVGEM Zoll Hongwan Shopping Mall, LVGEM Zoll Mangrove Bay No.1 Shopping Mall, LVGEM Zoll International Garden Shopping Mall, LVGEM Zoll Jinhua Shopping Mall, LVGEM Zoll Yuexi Shopping Mall, Dongguan LVGEM Zoll Shopping Mall and other shops and investment properties. The Group’s commercial property development projects are mainly independent commercial projects as well as complex projects that comprise commercial features. Among them, the ancillary services of commercial properties under complex projects significantly increase the overall value of individual residential projects among the real estate development business.


The brand “NEO” is positioned as large urban commercial complex. The Group is currently operating Shenzhen NEO, located in the western region of the central Futian District of Shenzhen, which is an example of the Group’s commercial property success with a number of tenants being offices and branches of Fortune Global 500 companies. It has been named one of Shenzhen’s top 10 landmark buildings, significantly enhancing the value of the Group’s brand.

The “Zoll” brand is positioned as a community lifestyle and shopping center model, which integrates residential properties with supporting commercial facilities to meet the shopping, entertainment, social, health and education-related needs of the community residents and residents from neighboring communities. The Group believes that the synergic integration of the Zoll Centers, the residential and commercial properties developed by the Group and the surrounding communities has improved the market positioning and the overall value of its properties, and has also improved the quality of life of urban community residents, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

LVGEM Shenzhen NEO Urban Commercial Complex

Think what you think in every possible way

The first project of LVGEM’s commercial business property. The project is located in interchange of Shennan Road and Xiangminu Street, guarding the west gate of the central district. Consisted of three tower building Tower A、B、C, it combines Grade A office building, high-end business apartment, business and star hotel, equipped with international intelligent devices and high-end commercial services.


Located in “Kowloon East CBD 2”, the new central business district in Hong Kong, occupying a site area of approximately 4,500 square meters and a planned total gross floor area of approximately 55,390 square meters. As a new smart city operator proactively developing the business layout over the Greater Bay Area, the Group acquired 8 Bay East, the full seaview grade-A commercial building located in 123 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong for HK$9 billion at the end of 2017, and renaming it as the “NEO”. It is positioned as a financial and technological centre which integrates health, green, humanity and scenes. In July 2019, the handover of Hong Kong LVGEM NEO was completed. Apart from being LVGEM (China)’s headquarters in Hong Kong, the project received overwhelming responses since it was launched for leasing. Tenants were mainly insurance groups, financial or innovation and technological enterprises and virtual banks, thereby aligning with its positioning as a “full seaview smart financial centre in Kowloon East”. Following the commencement of operation of Shatin to Central Link in the 1st quarter of 2020, leveraging the support of government policy, strategic geographic location and increasingly easy access, it is expected that the growth in asset value will significantly increase, thus bringing stable rental income and long-term return on capital for the Group at the same time. Highlighted the strategic significance of the project to tapping into Hong Kong property market by the Group, the project will facilitate consolidation of the leading position of the Group in commercial property market as well as its market position and brand influence in the Greater Bay Area.

LVGEM Zoll · Chanson Shopping Centre

The first shopping mall of Zoll, The most friendly Zoll shopping centre

◇ Located
Located in Longhua new district, forming the axis of Shenzhen together with Futian district, the vanward area for Shenzhen-Hong Kong integration
◇ Commercial volume
Site Area:55,000 sq.m.; Height: #B1, 4.8 m, #1, 6m, #2, 5.1m; # of Parking Lot: 1200

LVGEM Zoll · 1866 Shopping Centre

The most stylish Zoll Shopping Center

◇ Location
Located in Longhua new district, forming the axis of Shenzhen together with Futian district, the vanward area for Shenzhen-Hong Kong integration
◇ Commercial Volume
Site Area:45,000 sq.m.; Height: #1, 5.9m, #2, 5.1m; # of parking lot: 2700

LVGEM Zoll · Hongwan Shopping Centre

The most fashionable Zoll shopping center

◇ Location
Futian CBD district, the second biggest administration center in Shenzhen, core political-economic area in the future, the most popular residential area for government officials and the white-collars.
◇ Commercial volume
Site area: 70,000 sq.m.; Leasable area: 34,000 sq.m. Height: #B2, 4.8m, #B1, 6m, #L1, 6m, #L2, 5.5m, #L3, 5.5m; # of parking lots: 2200

LVGEM Zoll · Mangrove Bay No.1 Shopping Centre

The most high-class Zoll shopping center

◇ Location
Located in CBD of Futian District, Shenzhen, close to Shawei Station of Subway Line 7.
◇ Commercial Volume
It has a total planned leasable area of 21,000 sq.m. and is expected to introduce over 100 shops.

LVGEM Zoll International Garden Shopping Mall

The First One-stop Experience Life Centre in Huazhou, Maoming

The project is located on the southwest side of Juzhou Park, Hexi Street, Huazhou City, Guangdong Province. It is the first off-site project of LVGEM’S “Zoll” shopping malls. The project is positioned as an integrated life centre with diversified business model and a special thematic business street, and based on the experiential consumption model and the special consumption characteristics in Huazhou and Western Guangdong as a whole. It targets to create four spaces, namely, family sharing, home entertainment, child development, and community living room, which aims to comprehensively enhance the business circle in Huazhou and the brand influence and expand the influence of Zoll to Western Guangdong.

LVGEM Zoll Jinhua Shopping Mall

The first project in the Yangtze River Delta area of LVGEM Zoll Shopping Malls is located in No. 100 Shishan Road, Suzhou New District. As the first community business project in the district, it is in the core area of a CBD with many expatriates and features convenient transportation. Zoll Jinhua provides consummate community business auxiliary services, features convenience, experience, and timeliness, meets the needs of urban residents for shopping, entertainment, social, health, and culture, assist urban community residents in enhancing the quality of life, creates a new commercial space, and advocates a new lifestyle.

LVGEM Zoll Yuexi Shopping Mall

A Community Shopping Mall in the Core Area of Yuexi Development Zone, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

As the second project in the Yangtze River Delta area of Zoll Series Shopping Malls, it is located in No. 199 Tayun Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, and deemed as a sub-centre of Wuzhong District. The project, based on an innovative community and commercial model, creates a fashion experience social area to build a “small yet delicate” and “small yet beautiful” living space for consumers. Moreover, it not only improves the business structure in Wuzhong District, but also symbolizes that the serialization and scale of LVGEM Zoll Shopping Malls are turning mature. It was granted the title of the “Innovative Thematic Shopping Mall of the Year” of the 2018 Icon Award for China Brands and Shopping Malls.

Dongguan LVGEM Zoll Shopping Mall

Ecological Theme, Dual First-floor Commercial Area

The Group’s first shopping mall brand focusing on community business. The project is located in the intersection of Zhangmutou Avenue and Baoshan Road, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, and positioned as a mid-to-high-end modern commercial complex and landmark in Zhangmutou Town. In accordance with the functional positioning of the area, the project is designated to become the first business center with greeneries that highlights the characteristics of ecological architecture. Meanwhile, making good use of the construction of business walkway, the dual first-floor commercial space is realized. It targets to new-generation of young consumers in the community. The project consists of five thematic spaces that innovates the operation models including “business + the IP of Yue Yue”, “business +public welfare”, “business + checkpoint with extensive traffic”, and “business + office” etc. Furthermore, it integrates diversified modern consumption models such as catering, living amenities, and leisure and entertainment etc. to create convenient, comfortable, cozy, and interesting sentimental experience which enables the community residents to interact with each other like neighbors that truly realises last mile living and shopping distance in the community.