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 The Group has successfully operated commercial property series under two brands “NEO” and “Zoll” with an overall occupancy rate exceeding 98%, providing stable cash flow and rental income for the Group.

The brand “NEO” is positioned as large urban commercial complex. The Group is currently operating Shenzhen NEO, located in the western region of the central Futian District of Shenzhen, which is an example of the Group’s commercial property success. According to the Market Research Report, NEO Urban Commercial Complex enjoyed a higher average rent for its office spaces than other office buildings in Shenzhen as of December 31, 2014. A number of offices and branches of Fortune Global 500 companies are tenants of NEO Urban Commercial Complex. In the first half of 2017, occupancy rate of Shenzhen NEO complex reached 100%. It has been named one of Shenzhen’s top 10 landmark buildings, significantly enhancing the value of the Group’s brand. The Group is currently developing “Suzhou NEO”, located in east of River Yuelai and West of Ta Yun RoZad, Economic Development Area in Wuzhong District, Suzhou. It is going to be a flagship product of the expansion of “NEO” brand to other regions.

The “Zoll” brand is positioned as a community lifestyle and shopping center model, which integrates residential properties with supporting commercial facilities to meet the shopping, entertainment, social, health and education-related needs of the community residents and residents from neighboring communities. The Group believes that the synergic integration of the Zoll Centers, the residential and commercial properties developed by the Group and the surrounding communities has improved the market positioning and the overall value of its properties, and has also improved the quality of life of urban community residents, thereby increasing customer loyalty. The Group’s Chanson Zoll Center was selected as the Best Community Commercial Project (最佳社區商業項目) in 2012 by (贏商網) and United 21 Century China Commercial Property Academy (聯合21世紀中國商業地產研究院) and the Best Community Commercial Project (最佳社區商業項目) in 2013 by Guardian Property New Media (觀點地產新媒體). It also received the Mall China Golden Mall Awards 2013 Community Shopping Center Award (中購聯中國購物中心2013年度社區購物中心大獎) by (中購聯) in 2013. Hongwan Zoll Centre launched in Jan 2017, occupancy rate up till July 2017 reached 99%. The occupancy rate continued to rise steadily, successfully establishing the brand image and market positioning, which attracted a number of retailers as tenants and maintained stable relationships with numerous famous quality brands.

At present, the Group has completed the development and begun the operation of three Zoll Centers, namely, Chanson Zoll Center, 1866 Zoll Center and Hongwan Zoll Center. In the fist half of 2017, the average occupancy rate reached 98%.  Now there are two Zoll Centers under construction, namely Mangrove Bay No.1 Zoll Center and International Garden Zoll Center. These Zoll Centers are both located in prime locations and are estimated to be launched in 2017 adn 2018 respectively. The Group plans to continue to develop and operate the Zoll Centers in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions by expanding its branding efforts, serialization and scaled expansion. The Group hopes to make the “Zoll” brand one of China’s most influential community commercial brands.

LVGEM Shenzhen NEO Urban Commercial Complex

Think what you think in every possible way

The first project of LVGEM’s commercial business property. The project is located in interchange of Shennan Road and Xiangminu Street, guarding the west gate of the central district. Consisted of three tower building Tower A、B、C, it combines Grade A office building, high-end business apartment, business and star hotel, equipped with international intelligent devices and high-end commercial services.

LVGEM Suzhou NEO Urban Commercial Complex

A Flagship Product of the expansion of NEO brand to other regions

◇ Location
Located in east of River Yuelai and West of Ta Yun RoZad, Economic Development Area in Wuzhong District, Suzhou, connected with the planned metro line 7.
◇ Commercial Volume
It has a total site area of 14,592.4 sq.m, a Construction area of 82,000 sq.m, an apartments and office space area of 45,000 sq.m and the saleable area is 12,000 sq.m. The height of the building is 149.9 meters, with 35 floors on the ground and two floors underground. It consists of apartments, office building, hotel and commercial center.

LVGEM Zoll · Chanson Shopping Centre

The first shopping mall of Zoll, The most friendly Zoll shopping centre

◇ Located
Located in Longhua new district, forming the axis of Shenzhen together with Futian district, the vanward area for Shenzhen-Hong Kong integration
◇ Commercial volume
Site Area:55,000 sq.m.; Height: #B1, 4.8 m, #1, 6m, #2, 5.1m; # of Parking Lot: 1200

LVGEM Zoll · 1866 Shopping Centre

The most stylish Zoll Shopping Center

◇ Location
Located in Longhua new district, forming the axis of Shenzhen together with Futian district, the vanward area for Shenzhen-Hong Kong integration
◇ Commercial Volume
Site Area:45,000 sq.m.; Height: #1, 5.9m, #2, 5.1m; # of parking lot: 2700

LVGEM Zoll · Hongwan Shopping Centre

The most fashionable Zoll shopping center

◇ Location
Futian CBD district, the second biggest administration center in Shenzhen, core political-economic area in the future, the most popular residential area for government officials and the white-collars.
◇ Commercial volume
Site area: 70,000 sq.m.; Leasable area: 34,000 sq.m. Height: #B2, 4.8m, #B1, 6m, #L1, 6m, #L2, 5.5m, #L3, 5.5m; # of parking lots: 2200

LVGEM Zoll · Mangrove Bay No.1 Shopping Centre

The most high-class Zoll shopping center

◇ Location
Located in CBD of Futian District, Shenzhen, close to Shawei Station of Subway Line 7.
◇ Commercial Volume
It has a total planned leasable area of 21,000 sq.m. and is expected to introduce over 100 shops. It is expected to begin operation by 2017.