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Senior Management

Ms. Hu Yong (呼勇)Vice President

Ms. HU Yong, is the vice president of the Group and is responsible for its financing. Prior to joining the Group in January 2005, from July 2003 to December 2004, Ms. HU served as the assistant to general manager in China Jiantou Commerce & Trading Co., Ltd. (中建投商貿有限公司) and was responsible for finance duties. From January 1987 to January 2001, she served in various positions in Shenzhen Petrochemical Chemical Co., Ltd. (深圳石化化工有限公司), including general manager from July 1996 to January 2001. She was responsible for financial and accounting matters. Ms. HU obtained her associate degree in accounting from Shenzhen University (深圳大學) in July 1989, and studied strategic financing management courses in the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen (深圳清華大學研究院) in the PRC in April 2008.

Mr. Ren Hongbing (任紅兵)Vice President

Mr. REN Hongbing, is the vice president of the Group and is responsible for the project construction and development. Mr. REN joined the Group in March 2001. He had served various positions including the vice general manager and general manager of Zhuhai LVGEM Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (珠海綠景房 地產開發有限公司) and was responsible for project development. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. REN served as various positions in Shenzhen Huatai Enterprises Company (深圳華泰企業公司) and was responsible for technology and engineering matters. Mr. REN obtained his bachelor’s degree in industrial and civil buildings (工 業與民用建築) from Yangzhou Construction Engineering Institute (揚州建築工程 學校) in the PRC in July 1988, and his Master of Business Administration degree from University of Wales in January 2012.