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Grand Opening of LVGEM Shangyue Mansion with 80% Sold and Purchase-on-registration Rate of 91.5% Author: CHINA LVGEM

Every city has a piece of hot spot, precipitating the maturity of the era; every hot spot has a masterpiece, enlightening the imagination of the city. On 27 August, LVGEM Mangrove Bay No. 1 – Shangyue Mansion ushered in the glory moment of its grand opening at LVGEM Hotel, living up to the expectations to realise a sales of 80% and a purchase-on-registration rate of 91.5% on the opening day, leading the trend of first-tier sea life.




The Great Realm Opens to Attract Wide Attention

After refinement through time, LVGEM Shangyue Mansion was presented to the whole city, and the prospective owners gathered at the scene with great enthusiasm. From waiting, picking to signing, from being eager, nervous to delighted, customers who secured their desired properties were full of joyfulness and satisfaction. With good news pouring in, the hot atmosphere ignited the whole scene, reflecting the extraordinary charm of the first-tier sea view.


A City Loses its Heart to First-tier Sea View

A wonderful sea view wins the favour of the whole city. The opening scene was full of customers’ admiration, and their words were unanimous recognition of Shangyue Mansion. With strong sales and the pursuit of the whole city, this is not only the evidence of popularity, but also concrete expressions of customer’s love for the first-tier sea view of Mangrove Bay, as well as their longing for a beautiful coastal living.


The Whole City Runs After the Properties in the Centre of the Bay

LVGEM Shangyue Mansion consists of first-tier sea view elegant properties with construction areas of approximately 110-143 square meters at Mangrove Bay. In the luxury residential area with both the center of Dajinsha Areas boasting an investment of RMB30 million and the final development of golden coast line in downtown, it enjoys the essences of Futian CBD such as three-dimensional transportation, high-end commerce and high-quality education, and fulfills our life vision of “seeing the sea when opening the window, and enjoying the convenience of life downstairs” with the sea views of Mangrove Bay and southward broad view, paying tribute to the ideal of living in a city.

This is an opening of perfect bay view and a change of lifestyle. From the opening of the temporary showroom to the grand debut, we look forward to witnessing brighter future of LVGEM Shangyue Mansion with you!

For LVGEM, the opening is an important appearance in Shenzhen in recent years. Under the severe situation where the real estate industry continues to be gloomy, the market is lack of confidence, and customers maintain a wait-and-see attitude, we made a good performance on the opening day achieving a sales rate of nearly 80%, which helped establish the confidence of the market to some degree. This is not only the achievements of the project, but also the results of joint efforts of the Group and the real estate companies.

When the rigid demand becomes the current fundamentals, product and cost-effectiveness become the inevitable driving force of the market. LVGEM has been ploughing into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area for many years, witnessing the growth power of the city. Thanks to the trust of new and previous owners! LVGEM has always been on its way to create the most ideal lifestyle platform for the city, and now calls for your attention to LVGEM Baishizhou project, our annual important project that will be on sale in September. LVGEM is looking forward to future with the city.

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