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Successful Roofing Brings Joyfulness | Unit 1, Block 1 of LVGEM Shangyue Mansion has been Roofed Author: CHINA LVGEM


Craftsmanship remains unchanged with time pass. Under the cooperation of multiple parties, rigorous and meticulous engineering construction and quality supervision, on 20 September , Unit 1, Block 1 of LVGEM Shangyue Mansion has finally been roofed, announcing a new stage of engineering construction. It is expected to be delivered in June 2024 when the owners’ beautiful new life at the bay is about to be realized.


Hot Selling Throughout the City, Paying Tribute to the Upward Force

The LVGEM Shangyue Mansion consists of first-tier sea view elegant properties with construction areas of approximately 110-143 square meters at Mangrove Bay. On 27 August, 80% of its properties were sold with a purchase-on-registration rate of 91.5%, and became the focus of the Futian Center’s residential area. In the Dajinsha area that boasts an investment of RMB30 billion, LVGEM Shangyue Mansion enjoys mature commerce, high-quality education and diverse transportation convergence, captures the long-lasting and vast scenery of the first-tier Mangrove Bay of Futian Center, and fulfills our life vision of “seeing the sea when opening the window, and enjoying the convenience of life downstairs” with a superior southward view pattern and over 80% space practicality.

At present, the properties (with a construction area of approximately 143 square meters) with four bedrooms enjoying the first-tier sea view is in hot sale, with 7% off in limited time and with limited supplies that decrease every minute. If you want to buy it, please hurry up.



LVGEM with Craftsmanship and the Urban Renewal

As an expert in urban renewal, LVGEM, with a high sense of social responsibility and strong urban renewal strength, is full of confidence and determination and fully committed and dedicated. From the stationing of Dajinsha Area, LVGEM has always been aimed at creating a benchmark of coastal life, and adhering to high standards, high requirements and high quality in every step of the construction, paying great attention to every detail and striving for excellence in every process, and it has been living up to clients’ expectations by presenting them with the “quality + speed” results under the prerequisite of ensuring the safety and quality, so as to embark a new chapter for a better life in the area.

Behind the city’s new look lies in LVGEM’s persistence in creating urban value, its reverence for the development of rare land, and its steadfastness to the villagers’ promises. The glorious roofing of Unit 1, Block 1 is just a new beginning of LVGEM Shangyue Mansion, and we will continue to supervise the construction of the project with strict standards, full enthusiasm, serious and responsible attitude to deliver the beautiful home to the owners as scheduled with high quality and quantity.


Craftsmanship speeds up “home” happiness. From a blueprint to the glorious roofing of Unit 1, Block 1, the beautiful model of Shangyue Mansion has been gradually clear, and the ideal first-tier bay life is coming, let’s look forward to it.

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