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Hong Kong LVGEM NEO| Smart Financial Centre with a 270-degree Panoramic Sea View; Paragon of Green Office Author: CHINA LVGEM

Abstract: Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Commercial Building as New Business Landmark in Kwun Tong

Main body:

A smart city supported by technology

A CBD2 in a world-class bay area

Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Commercial Building begins its voyage

hkneo1* Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building (Exterior)

As the headquarters of LVGEM (China) in Hong Kong, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building commenced trial operation recently, housing many financial enterprises such as FTLife Insurance Company Limited. It has received enthusiastic response since the launch of leasing. The occupancy rate of the building based on pre-leasing is close to 50%, and it will be home to quality financial, innovative technology and banking enterprises, truly in line with the positioning of “being a smart financial centre with a 270-degree panoramic sea view”.

It is the third buildings of “NEO” brand, which is operated under LVGEM (China), and the first commercial project of LVGEM (China) in Hong Kong. A Grade A commercial building with a breathtaking sea view, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO is located at the core of Hong Kong’s second CBD, enjoying 270-degree panoramic sea view. Leveraging its regional advantages, mature infrastructure, advanced facilities, premium services, and green office principle, it creates new office experience pursuant to the Grade A office building standards and serves as a new business landmark in Kwun Tong to unlock commercial development vitality.

hkneo2* Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building (Exterior)

A new landmark in CBD2 in Kowloon East, establishing standards for other commercial buildings

 Given the growing development potentials of Kowloon East and the increasingly mature business atmosphere in the area, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO emerged and evolved into the new landmark in the Kowloon East region. Located in Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong and with the total construction area of about 600000 square foot (around 56,000 sq.m.), it is a Grade A international office building as well as a smart financial centre with a panoramic sea view.

  1. An office building with a panoramic sea view to lead a stylish lifestyle

As the smart financial centre with a panoramic sea view atop the Victoria Habour, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO offers broad views of the picturesque Victoria Harbour and enjoys a 270-degree panoramic sea view.

hkneo3* Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building (Standard Floor)

  1. Excellent design to bring exceptional experience

In terms of the exterior design, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building successfully blends its own characteristics with the sea views. Double glazed glass panels are used in the external walls of the building, offering strong wind resistance, heat resistance and good waterproof performance. The walls facing the sea are installed with 63m LED lights, shining with the blue sky and seas in the morning and lightening up the Victoria Habour at night.

hkneo4* Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building (Exterior)

For the interior design, LVGEM NEO Building offers spacious environment. The height of each floor is around 4.2m and the height of the lobby is as high as 9m. The floor of the lobby is made of high-end marble, presenting a spacious, luxurious and elegant outlook of the building.

hkneo5* Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building (Lobby)

  1. Eight advanced systems

Double Green Building Pre-certifications as proof of outstanding green performance

In line with Kowloon East’s “Smart City” development planning, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building has innovatively adopted low-carbon, environmentally-friendly designs to foster a smart office ecosystem. It has obtained the LEED Platinum Pre-Certification of the U.S. Green Building Council and BEAM PLUS Gold Pre-Certification of the Hong Kong Green Building Council, pioneering the use of green, healthy and highly-efficient office model in the prime urban area.


With the rainwater and waste water recycling system, energy-efficient lighting products and smart control system, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building will be able to save up to 6.8 million litres of water resources and HK$3.3 million of electricity cost every year. It is also worth noting that the eight technology systems, including the smart gate system, dual power supply circuit system and building automated system, can effectively enhance the efficiency of smart office and management.

Located at CBD2 in Kowloon East, providing new office experience to international companies

In order to foster a better economic environment and promote the sustainable economic growth, the Hong Kong government launched the “Energizing Kowloon East” programme, aiming to develop Kowloon East into a supremely attractive and competitive core business district and to further increase the international competitiveness of Hong Kong.

hkneo7* Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building (Exterior)

  1. Situated at the core of CBD2, with access to global resources

Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building sits at the core of the CBD2 in Kowloon East and enjoys geographical advantages. Surrounded by many world-class financial institutions, it can gain a rapid access to global resources and enter into dialogues with the world economy in a new position.

  1. Ancillary facilities worth of 100 billion dollars to underpin building clusters of comprehensive service

 As an iconic building of the new generation in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building enjoys abundant resources offered by the mature business district. Food and beverage service, banking service, hotels, supermarkets and stadium are all located within 5 minutes’ walk from the building, connecting Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building to form international, high-end, multi-functional building clusters of comprehensive service.


* Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building (Exterior)

  1. Four-dimension transport network to serve the new business era

Hong Kong LVGEM NEO Building is surrounded by a convenient, four-dimension transport network comprised of 5 railways, 4 intercity through trains and 3 main highways, which seamlessly connect Hong Kong to Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhuhai, Macau and other cities. Besides, the two major international hubs, the Hong Kong International Airport and the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, also offer links to the globe.

Relentless focus on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and brand image enhancement

 Benefitting from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development plan and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Cooperation Plan, LVGEM (China) strategically unveiled to the world the forward-looking building located at the core region of Kowloon, Hong Kong, which marks another upgrade of its high-end commercial brand, NEO.


This implies that LVGEM (China) has made another big step forward in the building of the high-end commercial brand and international brand, and represents the company’s unshakable confidence in growing its footprints across the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

As an important development strategy of China, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development plan aims to foster the building of an international, first-class bay area. Leveraging the opportunities arising from this era and the political, regional and transportation advantages, Hong Kong LVGEM NEO will strive for connection to global resources and grow with CBD2 of Kowloon East as an integral part of global finance.


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